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About Us

Learn • Motivate • Change • Prosper

For over 50 years, LMCP has been supporting community development in Manchester. Today, we are involved in outreach work, research, cultural awareness training, consultancy, user engagement, capacity building and influencing policy.

At LMCP, we take a community development and ‘slow’ social work approach. We attempt to maintain regular contact over a longer period with our service users. This enables us to

  • form an effective working relationship with our service users
  • help service users learn about their own needs, understand the services that are available and to make informed choices
  • improve the relationship between service users, carers and professionals
  • assist our service users to prepare for a community care assessment
  • advocate effectively
  • empower service users and promote the use of self advocacy
Members of the LMCP team
Members of the LMCP team

We work in partnership with health (GPs, District Nurses and others) and social care (Social Workers, Care Workers and others) professionals to ensure that service users’ needs are accurately assessed, services are provided that take into consideration cultural and religious differences and that any unmet needs are recorded.

We work in partnership with health and social care professionals to help improve their knowledge and understanding of cultural and religious differences.

We serve on strategy/policy and service improvement groups to help ensure that diverse needs are acknowledged, commitment made and appropriate services are developed and delivered by a skilled work force.

We encourage individuals and groups to develop an interest in health and social care issues and to participate in appropriate forums.

We are a registered charity and company limited by guarantee with a long and rich history of working with and on behalf of our service users. Please see other sections of this site for detailed information about who we are and what we do.