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Support for carers in Manchester

LMCP is a member of:

• Carers Manchester Contact Point led by Gaddum: www.carersmanchester.org.uk

• Carers Manchester Locality Partnership led by ACCG: https://www.accg.org.uk/supporting-carers/

Supporting research

We are a collaborator with York University on “Enhancing person-centredness in the community support of older people – the EPIC study. The project is developing a situational judgement test to assess the person-centredness of domiciliary care workers.” https://www.york.ac.uk/spru/projects/person-centredness-community-support-older-people/

We are a collaborator on a study led by the universities of Oxford/MMU and York “Exploring experiences of loneliness and improving social care support”. This study is testing a service improvement approach from healthcare in which people using and providing a service, co-design changes. https://www.york.ac.uk/spru/projects/exploring-loneliness-improving-social-care/

We have contributed to “Implementing the Person-Centred Community Care Inventory (PERCCI) as a measure for quality in social care services” project led by Dr Mark Wilberforce, University of York:  https://www.york.ac.uk/spru/projects/person-centred-community-care-inventory/

We have contributed to the development and testing of a research-based learning resource, including reviewing the HOPES (Helping Older People Engage with Social Care) materials, providing critique on how well cultural competence care is promoted, suggesting opportunities for enhancements, co-producing case materials with less represented communities. https://hopes.org.uk